April 2022

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Issue: April, 2022

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March 22-05

Welcome readers, to this year’s fourth issue of Legist.

This April, in light of World Intellectual Property Day on 26th April, 2022, we would like to bring to you a novel analysis of the cybercrimes prevalent in IP Law and the newest way of dealing with it; Blockchain Technology. In our first article, we have brought to you a detailed analysis of the application of blockchain in the field of IPR and the ways in which it can be utilized to make IP registration, tracking and evidence more straightforward and efficient and consequently, prevent cybercrimes like trademark violations and copyright infringements as well as real life developments in this field  In our second article, we discuss the major leap that cybercrimes have taken in the field of IPR and evaluate the issues faced while dealing with such cybercrimes and the scope of Indian regulations to tackle such issues.

We hope you find this issue of Legist informative and interesting.

Happy reading!

April 2022-03

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