August 2022

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Issue: August, 2022

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Welcome readers, to this year’s eighth issue of Legist. The 10th of August is designated as World Biofuel Day each year. It is seen to increase understanding of the significance of using non-fossil fuels in place of traditional fossil fuels. There are many benefits to biofuels over polluting fossil fuels. Biofuels aid in encouraging a cleaner environment and lowering reliance on crude oil. It increases the revenue and employment in rural areas. In addition to supplying India’s rural areas with energy, this will also help to address the nation’s growing transportation needs. To commemorate this, we present to you an overview of the global biofuel market and a deep dive into the Indian policy on biofuels and a breakdown of  how their interplay affect our future and sustainable development. We hope you find this issue of Legist informative and interesting. Happy reading!


Global Biofuel Markets – A Socio-Economic Overview of Policy


Indian Policy on Biofuels ( An Analytical Brief )


Sustainable Development and Biofuels in India


Biofuels in India – Future Prospects