June 2022

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Issue: June, 2022

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Welcome readers, to this year’s sixth issue of Legist.


This June, in the relevance of the World Environment Day, we present to you the analysis of the development of Environmental Law in India and how it’s protected by the Indian Constitution.
World Environment Day was first celebrated in the year 1974. This day has created a platform to raise an awareness that the world is facing the problem such as air pollution, plastic pollution, global warming and sea level increasing day by day.
In our first article, we discuss a detailed analysis of the development of Environmental Law in India. The second article talks about the protection and safeguards that are provided by the Indian Constitution towards Environmental Law in the country. It further analyses the historical development and the future of Environmental Law .


We hope you find this issue of Legist informative and interesting.

Happy reading!


The Development of Environmental Law in India


Protection of Environment under the Indian Constitution