May 2022

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Issue: May, 2022

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May 2022-05

This May, in the relevance of the International Labour Day, we present to you the analysis of the development of International and Indian labor law on labor rights.  

International Labor Day celebrates laborers and encourages them to be aware of their right, labor unions and socialists come together to celebrate this day by conducting programs to improve working conditions and wages of the labor force.

In our first article, we discuss a detailed analysis of the development of International labour laws on labour rights. The article further discusses the International Labour Organization Constitution, as well as its several Conventions and Recommendations. The second article talks about the development of Indian laws on labour rights. It further analyses the historical development and the future of labour laws.

May 2022-04

The Development of International Law on Labour Rights

May 2022-01

The Development of Indian Law on Labour Rights