September 2022

Legist Newsletter

Issue: September, 2022

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Welcome readers, to this year’s ninth issue of Legist. 25th of September is designated as World Pharmacist Day each year. Every pharmacist, pharmaceutical scientist, and other members of this profession are honoured on September 25 on World Pharmacists Day. There are four million people working in this field worldwide. Thus, World Pharmacists Day is not only a welcome occasion but also a significant day to recognise the contribution that these individuals make to enhancing global better health outcomes. Events and initiatives sponsored by various governmental and non-governmental groups honour the day. They all share the same global objective of raising public knowledge of pharmacies and their activities. To commemorate this, we present to you an overview of the pharmaceutical industry and its interaction with the legal industry. We hope you find this issue of Legist informative and interesting. Happy reading!


The Indian Pharmaceutical Industry & IPR: An Analysis


Evolution of Pharmaceutical Industry through Pandemic: An Analysis


Pharmacy: The Future Prospect